Among the jungles of Ubud is the Eco - friendly Bambu Indah.
Quite possibly the most relaxing place in the southern hemisphere.

Bambu Indah lies an hour’s drive from the ever growing but still beautiful Canggu.
As they say ‘Sustainably minded jungle retreat with the luxury of hotel service’

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Bambu Indah has 17 boutique houses & tents all with their own individual beauty.
We had the pleasure of staying in the treetop tents, situated away from the main group of buildings.

Bambu Indah was founded in 2005 by two travellers who had a passion for the culture of Indonesia.
It started with eleven Javanese bridal homes being restored and decorated with the finest details which then grew into the riverside resort it is today.

Everything here is sustainable from the bamboo huts to growing their own vegetables.
It’s unique in every way.

As you exit your room, you wander down to the riverside where you instantly take a deep breath and forget the real world - even if it’s only for a second.
Their natural swimming pools are spread throughout the lush green jungle.

You then catch your reflection and dive straight in.
It’s the very place where you can become one with nature.

When in Bali, we highly recommend staying at Bambu Indah.
Why not take a break from it all?