A Postcard From Glacier

As you jump across the border from Southern Canada down into Montana, you find yourself in the depths of probably one, if not the most beautiful National park’s across America (Minus Yosemite, that shit is ridiculous...).

Glacier. It’s hard to describe how beautiful this place is using words, so I won’t try.

The air here is oh so sweet.

The glacier water is clear, tantalising and the twinkle invitingly entices you from a distance.

‘The Sun Road’, the only way in, speaks for itself.

It encompasses 500ft drops, tight corners and breathtaking views all while dodging waterfalls that flow onto the road.

This place is untouched. Snow-capped mountains stare with piercing eyes at you all day.

It’s a beautiful gaze.

It’s hot here though, too hot.

Time for a swim. The waters are icy but damn refreshing.

By the time the afternoon sun sets, you’ve found yourself sitting back sinking a cold one. Two or even three, it’s that sort of day.

Night fall and your sun zapped, a little boozy and it’s time to throw ya head down on that beautiful lump of feathers at the top of your bed.

You’ll sleep soundly, ready to do it all again.

Glacier I miss you and your liberating ways.