Friend Of Desfura: Chris Grundy

Chris Grundy has been a friend of Desfura's for quite some time now.
An incredibly talented dude with charisma to match, his eye behind the lens is something to admire.

We sat down with Chris and chatted about recent times, style and the first roll of film he ever shot.

1. Chris my man, you just got back from LA? Love it?

Hey guys! Yeah, I just returned home after a 3-month stint from the LA vortex. It was my first trip to the US and didn't really know what to expect but I absolutely loved my time over there. I arrived at the peak of Summer so it was a bit spicy for the first month or so, heat aside there's so much to explore within the City and surrounds.

I met some amazing people during my time and managed to escape the thick of it every couple of weeks, which was a nice change and kept me sane. It can be draining at times, as its such a fast-paced environment so trips to Joshua Tree and OC were a treat!

Lots of amazing galleries, exhibitions and studios and live music hidden amongst the streets which were cool to check out. Linked up with some friends whilst I was there, which was epic.

Also managed to escape to Spain for a job in September for a week which was all time.

Ticked off Yosemite, stared and the talented humans down at Venice Skate park for hours on end and had conversations with creatives from all parts of the world, returned back to Sydney feeling motivated and ready to create some new work. All in all absolutely loved it!

2. We've been loving your recent work, especially with Tom Carroll, how was he to work with?

Yeah, I've done several trips with TC over the years, and lucky to call him a close friend. He’s such an inspiring person to be around; full of positivity and has endless stories to tell, so it’s always a rewarding experience to link up with him. In April we did a Marketing and Sales to Japan for a Sydney based Surfboard Manufacturing company.

We weren't chasing Typhoon swells this time round, so we got explore Japan and just hang out. He’s a talented photographer, so it was sick to walk around the streets with him and fire off frames of whatever caught our interest.

Tom was extremely fascinated by the Ravens of Tokyo, which was a laugh!

He’s incredibly knowledgeable both in an out of the water, and still rips after two recent surgeries for his knee and shoulder. 

3. Your attention to detail is something to admire. 
How do you pick the right moment when it comes to surfing?

I'm super self-critical in terms of work, and I guess its just something that develops over time the more and more you shoot. I sold my housing a few years ago, so have been land based since. I think experimentation keeps it interesting, so finding something you like and working on that concept helps refine a style. Also helps working with surfers that you've shot before, they still might throw in some surprises but patience and persistence goes a long way.

I still get a kick out of shooting surfing, especially when it all lines up, makes up for the weird positions and squats you find yourself in haha!  

4. How many cameras do you own? 

Digital - Nikon D800 w/ 50mm, 24-70mm f/2.8, 70-200mm f/2.8 (which is by far my most used lens). 

Film - Nikon F801s, Canon AE-1, Contax T2, Canon 514XL (Super 8), plus a few others which might not work.

5. Do you remember what was on the first roll of film you ever shot?

I'm pretty sure it was a roll of Ilford HP5. My dad had an old Nikon F801s lying in his cupboard from his travels to South America in the ‘80s which he passed on to me as he hadn't used it in years.

I didn't really know how to use it, but it was my first introduction to photography. I loaded the camera up with a roll of B&W film and I went for a stroll.

Once I got the film processed there was one image that stuck in my mind and from that point onwards I was hooked. (See Chris's first-ever image below)

6. What means most to you these days? 

I'd say friendship, family, respect and travelling.

I think being surrounded by good company helps keep you motivated and well balanced.

Being outdoors, and exploring new cultures is something I love doing and its a great way to reflect and absorb what’s around you. Find things you enjoy in life.

You can view more of Chris's work via & via instagram @chrisgrundyphoto